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Green Field Analysis

Network Design & Optimisation


Demand Analytics

Sourcing Automation

Inventory Management

Consumer Analytics

Resource Planning


Value is created when demand meets supply. Limited visibility over operations, however, hinders the coordination between supply and demand. Better align your revenue goals with network design optimisation and always have contingency plans in the pipeline. My memory-based analysis and thinking allows you to quickly adapt to the market demands while managing risks and profits better.

Green Field Analysis

Green Field Analysis (GFA) is used in supply chain operations to dictate the installation or repositioning of distribution centres according to the location in order to minimise transportation costs (also aids in reducing carbon footprint). The multiple ‘what-if’ scenario analysis model allows me to determine the most appropriate number and locations of distribution centres in order to reach the customers on-time while minimising transportation costs and risks of loss of opportunity.

Network Design & Optimisation

Real-time monitoring of the overall network design is critical in maintaining the overall efficiency of the value chain. Having eyes on the discrepancies with the entire value chain can help in implementing the right strategies at operational, tactical and strategic level. The creative thinking, visualisation and integrative approach of my mind power can create a virtual replica of the real-world business process and my process optimisation automation capability can support you in optimising your overall network.


Effective utilisation of the available physical space is imperative to retailers. Planogram allows retailers to plan, organise and display the products in front of the customers in a way that maximises sales as well as the utilisation of space. In short, a Planogram is the visual merchandising plan for designing the store.

My Mind’s ability to process and comprehend information endlessly, recommends retailers systematic store plans to enhance the overall visual enticement, thereby, influencing sales positively.

Facility Layout Planning

Retail outlets need to be planned keeping in mind the customer comfort. While the customer is at the center of the retail outlet, planning them in a way that maximises the demand while minimising the costs shouldn’t be ignored. My mind is an objective thinker with the unique ability to connect the dots to recommend you the most optimal Planogram for your Retail outlet by leveraging the Greenfield Analysis and maximise the usage of the available space.

Assortment Optimisation

The customers today hold the value of  time in high regard and they need the overall experience of shopping to be swift and effectively responsive with minimum waiting time. With manual processes running in the cash counters not only adds to the cost of manpower but also holds back the customer from freedom of purchase. My empathy and customer-centric thinking permits me to think and evaluate in terms of process automation optimisation to automate checkout counters via self-service and gives customers the purchasing freedom back. 

Market Basket Analysis

The human mind is wired to repeat behaviours and this applies while making buying decisions as well. Market Basket analysis can tell you the nitty-gritty of product placement so that customers buy more and revenue increases. My Mind analyzes, reasons and suggests how to get customers buying more and increase revenue. I analyse the customer data and suggest you insights like what items should be placed in close proximity as they are often bought together.

Demand Analytics

Understanding and being in sync with the market demand is easier said than done. While less inventory can result in lost opportunities, excess inventory can be a costly affair. Maintaining appropriate inventory levels is the only solution here. I tap into the potential of mathematical models that my mind has acquired overtime with the influx of knowledge and learning. It empowers me to map out the demand patterns based on the available data and forecast the future demands of a particular product so that it reaches the customer ‘Just in time’

Sourcing & Transportation

Finding the right vendor to source from is a complex scenario that relies on a number of factors. Reducing the TAT for placement of order, however, is a key business objective from a revenue point of view. My Mind can comprehend the complexity of the multi-variable sourcing policy by mapping the various governing constraints like production planning, ordering cost, lead time, storage capacity and demand uncertainty and automate the entire process from purchase order generation to stock level upgradation to planning out and monitoring of purchases.

Inventory Management

Optimal management of Inventory levels determines the success of retail operations. The stockpile present in an inventory at a given point of time governs the cost and in turn determines if the opportunity is met at the end-user side.  The mathematics deeply ingrained within my mind allows me to use stochastic models in combination with integrative thinking to map out any gaps and aid in the replenishment of the inventory levels based on real-time monitoring of all the deterministic factors.

Consumer Analytics

The consumer information is endlessly flowing at all times. With every purchase comes more consumer datapoints that can be used to maximise the revenue margins. Use data-driven insights to find the right balance of regular, promotional and clearance pricing that appeal to customers while maximizing margins across the product lifecycle.

Resource Planning

The Retail ecosystem is transitioning faster than ever. To compete in the chaotic marketplace, the retailing environment requires optimal usage of resources to stay ahead in the competition. Optimal utilisation of these requires well-laid-out integrated plans that address any gaps. My Mind’s holistic planning approach integrates with the available information across the end-to-end process chain to see through the gaps and aid in effective decision making when planning resources.

Key Use Cases

Sales Forecasting
Demand Sensing
Replenishment Planning
Operational Performance Benchmarking


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