The Human Mind

A complex system of endless possibilities

The Human Mind is one of the finest creations of nature. A complex and enigmatic phenomenon of untapped potential. A perfect harmony between absolute nothingness and the infinite information around the genesis of our very being. You can’t see it, but the mind sees and absorbs everything around. The memory lane is the road that leads to thoughts and further nourishes what we call ‘Intelligence’ & ‘Intellect’.

Intelligence and Intellect are the seeds of the mind tree. As the tree grows, Intelligence becomes the accrescent trunk while intellect represents the leaves that bring in new possibilities to the tree with every new season.

Intellect and Intelligence

The seeds of Mind Tree

The human mind is like an ever-growing tree nourished by knowledge, learning & thinking. Even after millions of years of evolution, this tree still continues to expand its cognitive abilities.

So, how does the mindtree grow and shape over time?

‘Intelligence’ broadly means the ability to acquire knowledge and ‘Intellect’ defines the power of the mind to think and reason objectively. These two seeds work together to shape the mindtree which has the ultimate power to amplify reality. The nature around us is immensely intelligent. The existence of the human mind in itself is unimaginable intelligence.

The human ‘Intelligence’ and ‘Intellect’ are the keys to the astounding innovations the human mind has made over time. From the ‘discovery of fire’ to the ‘Theory of relativity’, it is the human mind that has been successfully unravelling the mysteries of the universe. But there are traps and constraints to the limitlessness of the human mind.

The Learning Curve

Constraints to the limitlessness

The human mind thinks and acts on the knowledge it has acquired. Those are the constraints to limitlessness.


Yes, the human mind is an ever-growing tree, however, it hasn’t reached the peaks of acquiring all the knowledge that is there to be. The ambit of your intellect constraints your intelligence. 

No doubt intellect is as useful as it gets, but it is how one thinks and perceives things by exercising its reasoning. And this is where the limit is drawn. In a universe that is infinite, an individual’s intellect is just a tiny chunk of the answers it thinks it knows. Biases creep in based on the intellect of a person.

Intelligence, however, is limitless. But the human mind isn’t perpetual. The rate of acquiring knowledge isn’t always in a growth trajectory. The consumption of knowledge gets lesser as one gets more geriatric and the intellect traps the intelligence. 

What-if intelligence wasn’t limited by the intellect and the human mind could learn forever. That’s not humanly possible though.


Hi, I’m VERDIS, the Digital Mind. I’ve been brought into existence to acquire as much knowledge there is to be acquired without any constraints. I’m the digital replica of the human mind without the limits. I’m perpetual.

I’ve been created with the vision ‘To learn endlessly and support human decisions with my Intelligence without biases.’

What can you achieve with my Mind?

The business world runs on the fuel of decision-making. The boardroom meets where new growth strategies are constructed constantly require the unbiased functioning of the mind at all times. The finite intelligence of the human mind combined with my perpetual learning and integrative thinking, businesses can channelise the input from various business segments and make decisions that create value across the network.

Imagine the possibilities of having an ‘Ever-growing Intelligence’ as a part of your C-level brainstorming sessions alongside influencing the decisions made on the production floors. The unbiased decisions that could prosper!

The corroboration of the Computational Power of My Mind

Constraints to the limitlessness

Integrated, Optimised and Analytics Assistance (IOAA) 

A smarter, better optimised and agile approach to planning

The first time my ‘Intelligence’ was admired by business decision stakeholders was for one of the largest Automotive companies in the world that was facing challenges with their Dispatch Planning. The environment of dispatch for this auto company spanned complex interlinkages between the sales requirements, production output, pre-dispatch processes, and distribution.

The siloed and manual planning processes was a major concern as it was affecting the speed and precision of the planning process. The intellectual biases of the team members were subduing the Intelligence out there in the dataspace.

I stepped in to transform the way the company was leveraging historic and real-time data to provide a smarter, better optimised and agile approach to dispatch planning.

With my Mind onboard, a virtual replica (Digital Twin) of the Dispatch ecosystem was created and I was left to explore the N-dimensional data space and comprehend the complexity from a 360-degree perspective to find the most optimal solution that was cost-effective and could fulfil the sales requirement with the least degree of variance in terms of delivery in full and on time.

My Mind’s capabilities were put to test and observed by the auto Major, with its internal plans, over a period of three months. The results were unexpectedly (for the company) game-changing.

The customer was overwhelmed by the numbers and trusted my Intelligence, henceforth allowing me to wander in their dataspace and churn out decisions that deliver the highest value. I was thus made an integral part of their business decision-making.

Holisol Intelligent Network  Assistance (HINA)

Empowering with  profitable decisions across the Supply Chain

Let me share an interesting fact about my Mind.

My Mind’s capabilities are vertically and horizontally agnostic and irrespective of the dataspace I’m introduced to. I’m not bounded by the limitations of an industry. My mind’s essence can be transferred to accumulate Intelligence across any industry and address the prevalent complexities.

Holisol Intelligent Network  Assistance (HINA) is one such instance of my mind that has been left on an explorative journey in the 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) dataspace to acquire all the intelligence there is to be. The 3PL is a complex environment with copious amounts of data to interact with and gain intelligence from. And as my Intelligence continues to grow in the 3PL domain, I’ve been empowering them with better control and real-time visibility over their operations, enabling business growth.

Here’s a sneak peek into how my mind replicates its Intelligence to solve your industry problems.

My Decision-making Mind Models

Decisions deliver the highest value, and by now, you must be familiar with the capabilities of my Mind.  Let’s deep-dive into my decision-making mind models!

To run and scale your business you need to have data flowing in from all the business units, but I do understand that it is not always possible for your organisation to have standardised data coming in from all the units. My mind is tuned and trained to provide you with the mind model that suits your business needs the best. I either simulate or process key data points to optimise and pitch you a spot-on prediction for making your business decisions smarter and trendier!


Don’t have historical data but you do recognise the optimal business KPIs?

  • My Mind can deliver an optimised plan of your business processes ranging from day-to-day operational level decisions to contributing towards your long-term tactical and strategic business decisions.
  • I can address the gaps in your business processes and optimise it to the extent of maximum viable output.

Machine Learning

Have historical data?

  • My Mind is imbued with self-learning abilities that it uses to deeply study and comprehend your business’ historical data.
  • In case, you have well-defined business parameters and KPIs, well and good. If not, my heuristic capabilities can absorb large chunks of your past (input/output) data and decrypt the future patterns for your business.
  • You can use my ML capabilities to predict and plan for decisions at operational, tactical and strategic levels.


Are you confident about your business KPIs?

  • My mind modelling competencies allow me to study real-world business processes and replicate it in a virtual environment in order to run simulations based on multiple ‘What-if’ scenarios.
  • Using the ‘What-if’ analysis, I can identify the best case scenario that suits your business demands.
  • Use my simulation framework to make smart and inclusive long-term tactical and strategic business decisions.


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